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About Me

Welcome to Romance Schmomance, this blog has been my baby for quite some time. Romance reading has been something that I got into post-college, I left the west coast and moved in with my now husband as he continued his military journey. We’ve moved around so much, but I always had my books to fall back on.

We’ve recently moved to Slovenia (Google it; such a beautiful country), where we will reside for the next two years. And we’re expecting our first child in November. We’re making the most of his downtime in his military career to just enjoy being a little family without any deployments on the horizon. But of course, we’ll be traveling as much of Europe as we can before we head back to the States.

This blog is dedicated to my love for reading romance and to connect with fellow romance book lovers. I’ll read about any sub-genre world, but tend to gravitate towards paranormal second chance romances. But I’ll never deny an angsty-emotional read, the book is a winner if it can pull on my heartstrings and make me tear up.

I combined my love for reading and blogging and brought it Romance Schmomance. When I’m not getting lost in my reads, I’m out adventuring, seeking out the best coffee and brunch spots, or vegging around with the mister | the baby | the dog.

my genres

  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
  • Dark / Grey Romances
  • Contemporary
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult