Wyatt King isn’t looking for love…because he’s already found it.

Too bad she’s off-limits. He’s not going to be the jerk who messes around with his best friend’s little sister, so he keeps his feelings bottled up and settles for acting as her protector instead.

Andie Lockhart’s dreamed of kissing Wyatt for as long as she’s known what kissing is. But since he’s dated nearly every woman in town but her, she’s long since accepted he’ll never see her as anything more than his best friend’s tomboy little sister.

When a real estate developer threatens the beloved old house Andie inherited from her grandmother, her white knight Wyatt swoops in with his handyman skills to save the day. But the more time they spend working on the house together, the harder it becomes to ignore their irresistible attraction.

Until the night an accidental kiss blows the lid off those feelings they’ve both kept buried.

After that, things between them get a lot hotter—and a lot more complicated. Forbidden love, broken promises, family secrets, and jealousy all threaten to tear them apart. If he intends to hold on to the woman he loves, Wyatt will have to put everything on the line.

My Cone and Only is book #1 in the King Family series set in the small town of Crowder, Texas, home of the King’s Creamery ice company. Each book is a standalone, full-length novel that follows one of the six King siblings as they find and fight for love.



We’re here with Susannah’s new series and I’m so excited for Andie and Wyatt’s story! Okay, so best friend’s sibling trope isn’t my fave, but still pretty eager to read since I’ve been curious about Wyatt since Elementary Romantic Calculus.

With Wyatt being quite the lady’s man and Andie never really getting over her crush on him, things were definitely bound to get interesting. But we also have a super solid friendship between Andie and Wyatt, and gahhhhhhh, it’s pretty obvious how these two feel about each other.

One of the biggest reasons why I don’t read this trope too often is because of how the sibling reacts in the end. It’s usually safe to assume what happens, but there’s no stopping that HEA.

Overall, truly enjoyed this and I can’t wait for the rest of the King family. Such a sweet romance that everyone will love!

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