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Many apologies for getting this out way later than expected. If you’re coming here from my Instagram, then you know much I love my digital journal. In this post, I’ll be sharing all the details behind my digital journal and why I got into it in the first place.

What Do I Use

I started my digital journal in the middle of 2021. I accumulated sooooo many stationary and all the stuff for a physical journal, but they were all failed projects for me. And I was essentially wasting alot of supplies because I never kept up with it. I went digital because it was just easier for me and my indecisive mind. I sent all my journal stuff to a fellow bookish friend and my journey began.

My Essentials:


The Digital Journal Stuff:

  • You’ll need a note-taking app and I use Goodnotes. And that’s the only one I’ve really tested out and I love it. Goodnotes is currently in beta mode for Android, so this is great news for non-Apple users. I have downloaded it onto my Surface, but haven’t tried to use it.
  • Dropbox is where I store all my digital stickers. I created a folder just for my digital planner.
  • A digital notebook. I made my own this year, which I’ll go into more on a different post. But depending on your needs, you can get them on Etsy. There’s a ton of digital content creators that have journals up for sale. These are the ones I’ve used in the past:
  • Digital stickers, I get all of mine from Etsy. I definitely want to start making my own one day, but haven’t quite ventured into that.


How to Get Started

  • All digital notebooks come in a PDF format, pick your note-taking app of choice and import your notebook/journal of choice. And then the fun begins, start journaling.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these hashtags on Instagram:
    • #digitalbulletjournal
    • #digitaljournaling
    • #bookishbulletjournal (most of these are physical journals, but you can get your creativity going)

And there you have it! I’m planning on sharing some digital journal content through reels on my Instagram.

Are you hoping to digital journal or already keep one, let me know!

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